Masters Program

Moroccan American Studies

The Moroccan American Studies (MAS) master program offers a four-semester training to students who are interested in Moroccan and American cultures. It aims at shaping a profile that is familiar with the cultures of both countries and that is able to function within positions of intermediation as part of bilateral relationships in politics, economics, and social works. Started in 2007, and recruiting one group with a maximum of 25 students every other year, 2013 will witness the graduation of the third group.  Among the students who graduated in the past years were those who had been high school teachers and who engaged in research with the aim of improving their professional and academic standards, those who were interested in social works and who are now part of NGOs in Morocco and the US, and those who were interested in research and who are currently enrolled in doctoral programs.
Besides encouraging students to become close to practical life through different kinds of field and media researches, the program also involves students in theoretical debates relating to culture, translation, literature, linguistics, and the notion of research itself. Thus, a major focus of the program that runs through different subjects such as Pop Culture, Travel Literature, Language Policies, and Media studies, among others, is the concept of representation as it relates to the self and the other and participates in shaping attitudes. Students are encouraged to identify the different aspects of cultural conditioning with the aim of crossing cultural borders and engaging with diversity and difference.

Liste des Modules
Modules  majeurs
 A. Language Studies
- Academic Writing
- Text Linguistics
B. Culture Studies
- Cultural History of Moroccan–American Relations
 - Literary Theory
 - Introduction to Moroccan Literature
 Module complémentaire
Culture and Arts
-  Moroccan Pop Culture
-  American Popular Cultures
-  Arts seminars
Module Outils et  méthodologie   Research Methods and ICT Skills - Research Methods
 Modules majeurs
A. Oral and Written Language Issues
- History and Development of Arabic & English Languages
- Survey of Linguistics
B. Literature Studies
- Survey of Modern American Literature
- Issues in Contemporary Moroccan Literature
Modules complémentaires
Media Studies
- production and reception in Moroccan Media
- Aspects of American Media
Modules Outils et méthodologie:
Quantitative Research and Translation
- Research Methodology & Writing  II
- Nouvelle technologies de l’information et communication  II (NTIC I)
- Culture-based Translation I
 Modules majeurs
A. Advanced Language Studies
- Language Variation and Change in Morocco and US
 - Language Policies
B. American Discourses on the Maghreb
- The Theory & History of Travel
- American Travellers in the Maghreb
- The Maghreb In the American Cinema
Modules complémentaires
Community Issues
- Issues in Moroccan American  Politics
-  Religion & Ethnicity Issues
Modules Outils et  méthodologie
Orientations in Research and Communication
- Work skills
- Research Orientation
- Culture-Based Translation II
Modules majeurs
 Field research
Term paper writing
Modules complémentaires
Modules Outils et  méthodologie
Project Presentation &