About Us

The Department of English was established in 1984 in Ben M’sik, an underserved neighborhood of Casablanca. Since then, it has always been a strong, leading department at Hassan II Mohammedia university, one dedicated to the symbiotic relationship between teaching, research and the larger concerns of society at large. Throughout its existence and only with 18 full-time standing faculty, the Department of English has been faced with the challenge of keeping up high standards of teaching and research in a context where the numbers of students are increasing constantly.

Members of the Department contribute to the teaching of interdisciplinary programs at both the undergraduate level (English Studies Program) and the graduate level (the Moroccan-American Studies Program). They bring their interdisciplinary interests to their English courses, addressing such areas as literature, philosophy, cultural studies, American studies, translation, Moroccan studies, language studies and intercultural communication. In short, our concern is the role that English can play to foster communication, understanding and business relations between Morocco and the United States.
As well as examining the Moroccan and American cultures in the broadest sense, the study of English at the Department of English also focuses on training students to think and write critically about issues of interest to both cultures. Critical thinking and effective writing are the constant goals of our changing curriculum. As a result, our graduates, with their highly developed knowledge of language, culture and communication, are able to contribute to a wide range of professional contexts.

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Undergraduate Program Coordinator
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